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Death in Any Language: A stripped murder

Maio de 2009

Do you like mysterious? If so, Death in Any Language by Dan J. Marlowe is a book you’ll like to read. This is a story with a mysterious murder. Why would anyone want to read this story? It’s all very interesting.

Death in Any Language is a story about a murder that happened in Mexico by a famous killer, El Cuchillo, The Knife. He killed the Jane’s father, Judge Westmore. Now, she is owner of a fifty thousand dollars mansion that inherited of her father.

The protagonist helped her to find the Judge’s murder. They traveled together around the Mexico to find any track about the murder. She said that she knows because she saw a man in Cemetery looking at the tomb of her father.

I can’t tell you how the story ends, but I can tell what I enjoyed most about the book. It’s very interesting and people who love mysterious will love the book. For example, one part of story is, the man and the girl are into his car and, while he throws she was drive! It is very exciting!

What’s happened with Jane and his friend I can’t tell you, but if you like mysterious, then I recommend you read Death in Any Language and find out for yourself.

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